Peanut Butter, Creamy with Jaggery, Stoneground 500g


FAQ’s for Organic Peanut Butter


  1. What are the ingredient of Amorearth Peanut Butter?

There are only 3 simple ingredients Peanuts, Jaggery, Rock Salt.

We also have plain peanut butter version which is made only from peanuts.

  1. What is hydrogenation and how does it apply to Peanut Butter?

Hydrogenation is a chemical process that raise the melting point of the liquid vegetable oils. To make them solid at room temperature and improve their stability hydrogenated oils are added.

This is achieved by chemically altering the oil by adding hydrogen atoms to oil molecules. It is typically a high heat process that employs a metal catalyst (usually nickel) to aid in the transformation.

Manufactures use hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils to achieve a desired product texture and to extend the product’s shelf life.

This has a specific relevance for Peanut Butter. Many peanut butter manufacturers add partially oil portion of peanut butter in suspension with the peanut solids – that’s why the peanut butter can be used immediately upon opening, without stirring. Use of hydrogenated oil has a side benefit of providing longer shelf life too.


  1. Is there any preservatives, artificial flavours and colourings in Amorearth Peanut Butter?

NO, Amorearth Peanut Butter is all-natural and without any added preservations, artificial flavours and colourings.

  1. How long can Two Brothers Organic Farm peanut Butter be stored once opened or unopened?

It can last for 6 months (at room temperature) and 8months (refrigerated). However, it is recommended to consume peanut Butter within 3 months for the best taste.

  1. What are trans-fat? Does Amorearth Peanut Butter contain trans-fat?

NO, Amorearth Peanut Butter doesn’t contain even the slightest traces of trans-fat.

Secondly all trans-fatty acids, or trans-fat, are chiefly liquid oils that have been converted to solid oils through hydrogenation, a high heat chemical process. Trans fat are present in hardened vegetable oils and many margarines, commercial baked foods and fried foods.

Medical health experts recommend avoiding trans-fat, which have an adverse effect on blood cholesterol level. Eating trans-fat raises bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and lowers good (HDL) cholesterol levels. The risk of developing heart disease and stroke also increases.

As a result of pressure from consumer groups, the FOOD & DRUG administration now requires that trans-fat be disclosed on food labels. But because of FDA rounding rules , trans fat content below one half grams per serving is rounded down to zero grams in the nutrition facts – So a product can contain trans fats while showing a trans-fat value ‘0g’ . Carefully reading of the ingredients will show that some peanut butters claiming no trans-fat contain partially hydrogenated oil. The primary source of trans-fat are hydrogenated oil and partially hydrogenated oils, so if you want to avoid trans-fat check for these ingredients on food labels ingredient lists.


  1. Why is there a layer of oil on the top of Amorearth Peanut Butter?

This natural occurrence happens when we do not add emulsifier (such as hydrogenated oil) which is used to bind the peanut butter and the oil together, which contain trans-fat. To reduce this layer of oil from happening, simply stir the Amorearth Peanut Butter before eating it.

  1. What is the difference between creamy and crunchy Peanut Butter?

Creamy version Peanut Butter is finely ground and smooth, while chunky version peanut Butter has extra crispy peanut chunks added.

  1. Does salt used in your Amorearth Peanut Butter have iodine?

NO, the salt used is not supplemented with iodine.

  1. Is Amorearth Peanut Butter for vegans?

YES, Two Brothers Organic Farm is 100% vegan friendly.

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Peanut Butter as defined by Chamber’s is:-

“a spread made from ground roasted peanuts”

This is exactly what AMOREARTH Peanut Butter is nothing more, nothing less. A blend of ground roasted Peanuts.

The handpicked, indigenous chemical free peanuts are first sundried to eliminate moisture, then they are sand roasted till they attain a golden woody colour. Further the peanuts are de-skinned, de-noded and then cleaned using the winnowing method. Post this the peanuts are then ground to a smooth texture.

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